Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So....is she walking yet?

Ah, yes. The questions people ask to measure the developmental stage of my child. Besides the one in the post title, my other favorite is "is she sleeping through the night?" And the answer to both would be....no. Occasionally we get lucky and get a full 12 hours of sleep in (not us - her) but not usually. Last night she woke up around 2 or 3 to nurse (tried"cry-it-out" for 20 minutes, gave up) then again at 6 (this time CIO worked). Oh well. As for walking...she consistently takes 2-3 steps, but they are falling steps, not balanced steps, so I'm not counting them. 
However, I feel confident that she is smart, healthy, and age-appropriate!
This morning at breakfast she cracked me up. I mixed up some vanilla yogurt and banana for her (which I know she likes) and poured a bowl of Special K for myself. So she refuses to eat the yogurt, forcefully pushing the spoon away, and keeps gesturing to my bowl. I give her a "crunchy" (a cereal flake) and she loves it! So from that point on, in order to get her to eat the yogurt, I have to put a crunchy on top of the bite of yogurt so that she can see it before she will eat it! How funny is that!
Yesterday we had a play date with Nora. It was really fun. It was interesting to watch the girls, since they don't really play "together," but still aware of each other and what the other is doing. It's fun to see a hint of the personality that is ever emerging and developing. 
Another random thought - this week I received an advertisement in the mail for life insurance for children. Now, maybe I'm naive, but doesn't this seem a little grotesque? While I am aware that terrible things happen every day, I'm less than willing to believe that death could strike my own little family. Especially not to the point of purchasing life insurance on my child! It's not even an option. I don't know - does anyone else have strong feelings about this, positive or negative? Anyway, just a thought. 
Here are some pics from the past week:
Saying goodbye to grandma and grandpa

 She is fascinated with this huge jar! Right now she is going through a phase where she loves to "hide" things. In this picture she is trying to put her pacifier through the mouth of the jar:) Luckily she wasn't able to!
   This is Derek's attempt to put A in time-out. Pretty ineffective if you ask me! But soooo cute. 

 Rough night?

This is a game we (she) like(s) to play!


Tera said...

Love the new pictures of your beautiful girl. I agree, it sounds like A is exactly where she's supposed to be as far as developmentally. And baby life insurance?! CRAZY?! :) Hope you are having a perfect day with your bday girl today!

Grandma Jean said...


Whit said...

Hey! That girl will definately do it all in her own time. My nephews were close to 18 months before they started walking and now you can't stop them! So she'll get there!! Don't rush! :-) I definately think you and Derick needs some life insurance but not for the little one. Get a will too! It's not fun to think about but definately affecting people around me lately!

Paula said...

Hey - I love the new pictures of A. She is so precious. I was gone this weekend, and forgot to mail her birthday present...... I know - it's a bad family trait that I'm trying to break. At any rate, she is precious. Nate and Caleb were both 14 months before they started working...... another possible family trait??? Don't worry about it - don't rush her. Enjoy each and every precious day with your little Darling! She'll walk soon enough!

Paula said...

HA - I just read my comment..... I meant to say 'walking' instead of 'working'. That's what I get for not proofreading...... my own pet pieve!!!