Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Oh my, it has been a while since I've posted a new blog. I am so ashamed of myself. In my defense, I'll tell you that I have lost my camera... is anyone surprised?? This happens about every other month, but this time its been missing for over a week so I'm a little more concerned! I did take the following pictures from my phone, but they're not nearly the quality of a "real" camera! 

Both I and Annabel were sick with colds the past week. That of course caused Annabel's asthma to flare up, but luckily its been kept under control with her medication. I was so excited at her 2-year checkup when our doctor gave us TONS of samples of the expensive medication that our insurance doesn't cover! What a great guy. 

Since we've been having a few nice days here and there, I talked Derek into helping me put in a new flower bed in the back yard. So he tilled it up for me and edged it, and I've been dropping plants in all week. I think I got about 19 in! (plus my mums and several bulbs in the front). My back is certainly feeling it today! I'm really hoping they all survive the winter and I have a pretty back yard to enjoy in the spring. Now if I could just figure out how to get Bailey to quit pooping back there... 

I still need to spread mulch but that can wait for now...

I also wanted to show a little bit of the fruits of our gardening labor this fall!

Derek has done most of this, but I did the applesauce and jams. On the top is salsa and banana peppers, on the next shelf green beans and spaghetti/pizza sauce, the 3rd shelf is all spag/pizza sauce, and then the applesauce and blueberry and blackberry jams. We also froze about 8 pints of pesto from our basil. Think we'll be finding a lot of creative uses for spaghetti sauce this winter?!? Oh, and also to the right, hanging up, you'll find chili peppers that are being dried (think the crushed red pepper flakes at Pizza Hut).

I feel bad when its so chilly out and I keep telling Annabel "no" when she wants to go out. But I don't want to go out!! I don't think she minds the cold weather at all. I think she is pretty hot-blooded like her daddy. She doesn't sleep with any blankets (she prefers it this way!) and she never wants to come in even when its freezing out. Oh this child. She is certainly asserting her will these days! Every other sentence is "I get it!" Even if something is already "gotten," she has to undo it so she can "do it."  

Even in the cold, we still manage to make it to the park every once in a while...

Other times she can play out back!

Here's to hoping I find my camera!!


Tera said...

First, I'm jealous that you've been working in your flower beds and I haven't. :) I haven't felt the need to since we're moving...and it's been cold here too! Second, I'm jealous of all those awesome jars of food!! How fun!! So glad to hear A is doing ok with her treatments.

Melissa Wisley said...

I am so impressed by your canning! Wow! that is a lot of food!

Grandma Jean said...

The flower garden looks beautiful. What did you use to edge it? I didn't visualize that way when you explained it to me. I like the way it sweeps around the fence.
That color purple on Annabel goes great with her skin tone and hair. I don't think I've ever seen her in that color.