Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Second Quilt

I promised to show pictures of the other quilt I made this summer, so here it is! I started this quilt in January of 2006, a long time ago! I bought the fabric in Iowa, and only worked on it while we were there over the years. It is a Kaffe Fassett design called 'Wallpaper Strips,' and the pattern looked like this:

So anyway, here it is. The colors in the picture seem a little washed out because it was so bright out... so in real life it is a bit more muted. 

The back is a print I love by Heather Bailey. The first picture makes it look more salmon than pink, but it is really a true pink in real life! And it has a thin scrappy border, because I was 4 inches short of my fabric!

And my wonderful quilt-holder-helper, Derek!
Throughout this process, I realized that I quilt in much the same way that I paint- in abstract! Some people like to use patterns, and matching fabrics that the patterns call for. Not me. I feel very constricted using a "line" of fabric thats all matchy-matchy, and I really don't even like using a pattern! Not that doing these things is any less of an art... I mean, no one would say that Rembrant wasn't an artist... he's just not my kind of artist. That kind of art is very "you get what you see," whereas you could stare at a Van Gough for hours and see many different things. So anyway, quilting is very much an art for me. Each fabric in this quilt makes me feel something different when I look at it, and that is the sign of true art. I hope you enjoy!


Ariel said...

Your second quilt is amazing! I love it! And, it's BIG! I love quilting without a pattern. Makes you feel just a little like a pioneer woman ;) Anyway, it's beautiful! And the picture of Annabel with the stickers made me laugh out loud. HILARIOUS little thing, she is. Happy Birthday, Miss Annabel :)

Jason and Lisa Jones said...

very cool!

Tera said...

You did a fantastic job! I was immediately drawn to the picture of the first one though b/c I am such a sucker for all things purple. :) I agree...I'm not a big pattern person either. One of my friends always teases me about never measuring anything...I just do things on the whim and hope it turns out ok! :) I was fixing Braylee's cinderella dress the other day and I just put it on her and started hand-stitching measuring or pinning...and I think it turned out just fine. :)

Leslie said...

aren't guys the best quilt holders? i love this quilt. you do beautiful work.