Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Last Friday was Annabel's second birthday! Since we weren't celebrating with a party until Sunday, I wanted to make it a special day for her. I decided to make it a "favorites" day, doing all of our favorite things around town. First, before Daddy had to leave for work, we opened presents! We don't have her "real" present done yet (a play kitchen) so I wrapped up some cheesy Dollar Store finds, and some presents from her friend Titus that she got in the mail this week... she loved opening presents! 

We also spent the morning at our favorite park in town, then went to McDonalds for lunch. I even "splurged" on a Happy Meal (normally I don't see the point in paying an extra dollar for another crappy toy we don't need!). After nap, it was time to head out to the camp because it was Ladies' Retreat time! We met Gramma Sue and Grammy, had massages, wonderful food, pedicures, made beautiful bracelets and enjoyed wonderful workshops and sessions. It really was a fun weekend.

Sunday, the day of the party, I opted out of going to church to get ready for the party! Annabel's party was a "bug" theme, so there were ladybug, snail, and ant appetizers! Her cake was a giant caterpillar, which was so fun and easy to make! Daddy also made hot dogs on the grill, yum yum. For fun we played croquet and cornhole, while the kids threw sand and stole the croquet balls... all until it started pouring! Everyone grabbed something and we ran inside, where Annabel opened her presents. She got lots of really fun stuff. New art supplies, stickers, books, play food, play-dough, a fishing pole, training panties, and an adorable new outfit/winter coat! Oh yeah, and did I mention a new BIKE!?! I have a video of her opening the bike, and I'll post it if I can get the internet to cooperate... she was so excited! We immediately had to go outside so she could try it out. She is still having some trouble with the pedals, but I have no doubt she'll figure it out soon. And it's adjustable, so she should be able to use if for the next couple years! While we were outside with the bike, Uncle Justin and Aunt Holly surprised us with their gift- a bike TRAILER, to hook on the back of Derek's bike! How much fun! We are very excited to get out on some bike rides! (I don't think I've ridden since I got pregnant! And we used to ride ALL THE TIME! At one point in Knoxville we only had one car so one of us always had to ride to work.. but anyway...)

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Tera said...

Oh how fun!! Looks like she was only a little bit spoiled. ;) You did a great job with the food.