Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy Weeks!

I realized I hadn't posted since a few weeks ago when we were at the hospital! We have had a very busy few weeks! We took Annabel to the hospital on a Tuesday after doing several breathing treatments at the doctor  and her oxygen levels not improving. I believe they want ox. levels to be 96% and above, and hers were staying around 93-94%. However, she is what they call a "happy wheezer!" While we were admitting her, she was literally tap dancing across the floor! It felt a little silly to be admitting her to the hospital! That night she had to sleep with an oxygen mask because her ox. levels were dipping as low as 84%. Believe me, that was not a fun night. First of all, I had to sleep on a plastic pull out chair, and then every time her mask came off and her ox. went below 90%, the machine started beeping and she would wake up. So that was like, every half hour. Try to imagine getting a 2-year-old to fall back asleep every 30 minutes!
The next day they started talking about keeping her another night, because she was still really wheezy. We were all getting very bored and cranky, because there's just not that much to do in a tiny little pediatric unit! After her nap, however, she didn't require any oxygen, the doctor said we could go home. What a relief. 
It's got me thinking about what life is like with a "special needs" child. I mean, a kid with asthma is definitely mild compared to other things that could be wrong, but I still have to come to terms with the fact that my child may be on medication for the next several years, and that there may be even more hospital stays in our future. You never think about these things when you're pregnant and dreaming about your perfect baby! 
Here are some pictures from our hospital stay. The color isn't great, I know:)

Pulling a toy worm down the hall!

I think we took 5,000 wagon rides while we were there! Papaw sent balloons:)

The next weekend we left for my parents'. They are thisclose to being done with their house and I wanted to help my mom with some moving in stuff! Derek was able to stay until Wednesday and Annabel and I stayed until Friday. Annabel enjoyed spending a whole week with her Grammy and Papaw, and we did get a few boxes of kitchen stuff unpacked!
My grandma threw me a graduation party while we were there:

Annabel stealing food off her Uncle David's plate!

At Grammy's church on Sunday!

We also made a quick trip down to Kentucky to visit Derek's grandma while we were there. As always, Annabel loved playing on the farm!

Drinking from the hose!
And afterwards when I told her we were done playing in the water:

And if you can believe it, she did this to herself! :

Apparently she felt immodest without her shirt on!

This past weekend, Derek catered a wedding. I had the rare opportunity to help him, since my mom was able to watch Annabel. It was a lot of fun!

(It was my cousin's wedding, that is why Annabel was there with my mom!) Isn't she adorable!

After all our busy-ness, we're just glad to be home!

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Tera said...

I didn't realize how far behind I was on blogs! Hope A is feeling better. I love the picture of her pouting. ;) She is such a cutie!! happy bday, annabel!!