Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Go Go Weeee!

Hi all,
My mom says I need to update my blog because she's bored and needs something to read! I haven't taken the time to upload any new pictures, so my boring rambling will have to do for now :)
So here's some stuff that's been going on around here lately:
*We camped all weekend! In a tent! We went with our church, and there were several other families that we're close to that we set up camp near. We had so much fun just sitting around the card table chatting, playing phase 10, and just hanging out. It was nice because they made all our meals for us, so there was no hassle of trying to cook over a campfire (of course, this would thrill Derek to no end, but doesn't do much for me)! This was our first time camping with Annabel, and she did okay. We were able to get the pack and play in the tent, as well as our queen size air mattress, so we were all pretty comfy. Especially since Annabel decided she would rather sleep between us instead of in her bed! It was pretty chilly at night, so it was fine. I appreciated the extra body heat:) The only thing that could have made our camping trip better would have been not so much humidity. Everything felt so gross and sticky. I think we'll try again in the fall when it's cooler and nicer out.

*Annabel's been so active lately. She's so funny. She loves to do somersaults, jump, run around in circles, etc. She calls all her active time "go go weeee!" I'm not really sure what it means but it's so cute!

*She's also getting better at putting words together. She puts two words together pretty routinely and sometimes even three ("moe nini, peace?" Which translates- "more candy please?") I love hearing her sweet little voice and being able to communicate better with her. 

*I've caved and am reading the Twilight series. Oh. My. Gosh. It's like crack. Enough said.  

*I graduate in 3 weeks (24 days)!!! I'm soooo ready to be done with this last class and just be done with it all for awhile! I've filled out a few applications, so maybe I'll hear something back soon. Maybe not. Who knows?!?

*Meijer has their summer stuff 75% off. I thought that was exciting. Today I bought a little wooden picnic table for $17- marked down from $70! I also got some little gardening stuff for Annabel for dirt cheap. 

That's really all I can think of. I'll try to pry myself away from vampires and werewolves long enough to upload some pictures soon! 


Jason and Lisa Jones said...

I love your blog and reading what you write! I love how you write. How do you do all of this and school etc.

Lynsey Grant said...

Haha, Lisa, that's funny. How do I do it??? Well I'm pretty sure I'm only going to have half a brain left when this is all over:) I actually had to ask Derek to hide my Twilight book (#3) last night so I could study for my midterm and get some housework done!

Melissa Wisley said...

Ah Twilight! I knew you would cave at some point. I couldn't put those books down and did not like to be interupted while reading them. HOpe you are having a good week. I am getting a few days of alone time after an exhausting trip to NC. See you sometime soon!

Grandma Jean said...

Thanks. I needed that fix. Now I know why you're not answering my phone calls! hehe

Tera said...

The camping trip sounds like fun- minus the humidity. I still haven't read the Twilight series I'm guessing I should?! I can't believe little A is almost 2! It seems like yesterday that you were sharing her 1st bday pictures!