Thursday, July 2, 2009

Garden edit

I just wanted to mention that our garden is a community garden! Truly Derek and I couldn't manage this all on our own! There are 10 of us (5 "couples") who really wanted to pool our resources and do this together. 

Its been kind of interesting, because while we all wanted the more common things, like tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, peppers, etc, we all kind of have one or two plants of our own special interests. I really wanted eggplant, so I have two little eggplants tucked away behind the corn. Mike and Cheryl really wanted ornamental corn, Marcus wanted a watermelon plant. Derek planted one row of shallots, and no one else is allowed to touch them! Ingrid planted a row of okra and turnips (blegh!) and I'm sure none of us will want to touch them! Haha. I think it was Melissa who wanted pole beans (I may be wrong...). But its been cool to see how while we all may have our "own" stuff, we all help take care of each other's stuff. I love community. 

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