Monday, March 21, 2011


We have had so much fun this past month because.... Annabel's doing gymnastics! We have been going to the Y every Saturday morning for handstands, somersaults, balance beams, bars and spring boards! She is pretty much the youngest and least experienced in her class, but that's okay, right? You have to start somewhere! I try not to get discouraged when all the other kids are following directions and Annabel is sitting there staring off into space or picking her nose. (haha, j/k... kinda) She is very tempted by the spring board at all times and has a hard time being disciplined enough to not run to it every five minutes! We do a lot of hands-on parenting and redirecting at gymnastics, haha!

But it's fun, and I know she's getting something out of it when we come home and she asks me to help her practice a hand stand or a certain kick/spin thingy they learned that week. ♥ I really do love it- she is just so darn cute walking on the beam or hanging from the bar. *sigh....* Plus it's just fun to get out of the house and DO something, you know?

I wanted to post some pictures, but I just realized that I have only taken video, no pics! I'll try to get some in the following weeks to put on here. :) Asher likes going, too, he enjoys crawling on the mats! He is quite the little climber these days!

One day last week Annabel and I made brownies, yum! (don't judge my messy kitchen :) She had so much fun. Her favorite things to do in the kitchen are stir and add a pinch of salt.

One day, she decided she was a baby. So this is her, sitting in the high chair, eating bite size food and drinking milk out of a bottle.
When she found out that babies have to take TWO naps a day, she was cured ;)

The real baby of the house:
Those are bananas rolled in crushed cereal. He loves it ♥ Asher just started on real solid food a few weeks ago, but he's doing really well. He only has two bottom teeth and the very beginnings of a top one, but he can chew quite a bit with those! He likes puffs, crackers, bread, cheese, fruit, eggs, beans... I don't think he's tried anything yet that he doesn't like ;)

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