Friday, February 25, 2011

Some Much Promised Pictures!

These are kinda old, but this was taken the night we put up the Christmas tree:

And this was on Christmas morning... Annabel was so excited about her new "marble toy!"

This was right after that big snow at Christmas:

Later in January, we had Christmas in Iowa:

And the girls:

They're so cute!

Derek and I made it to a Colts' game in January!

One day recently we took the kids sledding out at camp- fun!

Fun in the bath:

Asher's eating "real" food! Annabel loves to "help," haha!

And here's my sweet girl, vegging out in front of the tv with a bowl of popcorn!
I especially love the way this picture highlights Annabel's self-inflicted haircut ;)


Tera said...

Cute pictures! I noticed Annabel's haircut immediately! :) Thankfully, my girls have never done that but I'm sure it is inevitable...although they are already aware of the consequence if they do...

Lynsey Grant said...

Yes, unfortunately Annabel learned the consequence of cutting her hair the hard way... the consequence of looking like a dork for several months!