Monday, June 21, 2010

Camp Festival Day

Every year before camp season officially starts, it is kicked off by "camp festival day!" This consists of all sorts of fun stuff- free food (burgers and corn on the cob, cotton candy, iced coffees, lemon shakeups, etc), carnival games, a bounce house, tractor rides and other fun things for the kiddos! This was the first year Annabel was really old enough to enjoy it, so we had a lot of fun! She really loved the bounce house, and it was so fun to watch her jumping around in it! I wish I had taken some pictures of her in it!

Here we are enjoying a tour of the camp via tractor wagon! She was entranced! 

Petting the miniature horses

Three camp beauties!
Earning her cotton candy playing ping pong toss!

What a fun day.... *sigh*


Melanie said...

I love A's dress... did you make it?

Grandma Jean said...

Nice pictures!