Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zoo Fun and The Past Week

It feels like it has been an eventful week, but I have no pictures to document it. Our camera disappeared about a week ago. :(
I'll try to remember what all has been going on!

*I started a new and final internship at the camp where Derek works. Since I worked my butt off and carried over so many hours from last semester, I can afford to take it (somewhat) easy this summer. I'm still trying to put in 15-20 hours a week, just to make sure I graduate! I'm starting to breathe a little easier now, though:) 

*Annabel dumped about a half of bottle of shampoo on the floor in her room... leaving a nice orangey-red stain. Not to mention the suds when trying to get it out! What fun.

*Some of you may remember a post a few months back where I was more than disgusted with our broken ipod. Well, in a desperate attempt, Derek called Apple and complained. Although it was several years past our warranty, within 5-7 days we had a brand-spankin-new 30gb ipod at our door! So once again, Apple has wormed it's way into my heart. (Get it? Worms, apples?)

*Last night I hosted a Premier Designs party at my house. They sell really pretty jewelry, and are the same company that does Home Interiors. We had a lot of fun, and I got $176 in free jewelry! Woohoo! If anyone has the opportunity to host one of these parties, I definitely recommend it! 

*So today (Saturday) we both had the day off and I really wanted to go to the zoo! We've been wanting to go for a while, but rarely have the day off together! So anyway, I told Derek he had to look extra hard for the camera, because I didn't want to miss this day on film! He finally unearthed it from behind the couch cushions:) We packed a cooler, packed the diaper bag, and off we went to the wonderful Fort Wayne Children's Zoo! This zoo is a bit smaller than Indy, but much shadier and supposedly more "family friendly." Whatever that means. I liked that it had a lot of "natural" type paths and exhibits, rather than all concrete and blazing heat! The only thing I missed were the elephants (there weren't any). But we certainly saw lions, giraffes, tigers, kangaroos, monkeys, etc. Lots of good stuff! There were also different fountains and wading pools for the kids to play in, which was nice. And Annabel's favorite part- the petting zoo! She got to walk around with the "doats" (goats), and pet a pig, chicks, bunnies, sheep, horses, etc. 
Unfortunately, with it being such a nice day, it was pretty crowded. My favorite quote of the day comes from daddy: "This would be a lot more fun without all these damn kids running around!" My sentiments exactly:)

And now what you've all been waiting for, the pictures. I know no one comes to my blog to actually read my ramblings! 

 The mongooses! (mongeese?) She loved these!

Special Time with Daddy
 Love these guys!

 What a cutie :)

  Terrorizing the poor buddha monkey statue

 My joey!

 Cooling off by the poolside

"Hi oink oink!"

 "Hi Doat!"


Melissa Wisley said...

Awwwww! I can't wait to take my babies to the zoo! The picture of Annabel and Derek is cute. I look forward to capturing those types of pictures of Joe and our little tyke! Glad you had fun! Was the picture of "A" on that big lizard thing real, or a statue. It looks very real to me! Yikes!

Tera said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Love A's pigtails...her hair is getting long!