Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tennessee Fun

Ugh. I've been such a blogging slacker lately! I will use the excuse that life has been insanely busy lately. My new internship at the camp is really keeping me hopping! I am generally there 5-6 days a week, and have not been getting home before 6:30 or 7 each night. Sometimes much later. What a crazy time! As a family we have not eaten at home in over 3 weeks. We eat together at the camp, at least, but its not really the same. Well, I'm grateful for a lower grocery bill, anyway! I had to laugh the other morning when I went to load the dishwasher and all that was dirty was cereal bowls and coffee mugs! Yep, that about sums it up. 

This past weekend we squeezed in a trip to Tennessee. I know, right!?! Crazy, crazy. We had so much fun, though. With four of our college friends, we rented a cabin up in the smokies and just chilled. It was so great. The only time we went into town was to go to the AT&T store. Derek and I have been wanting to switch service for a while due to the lack of Verizon service at the camp, but we weren't able to keep our numbers if we switched up here. With Derek's catering business really starting to take off, keeping the phone number is essential at this point. As for myself, after almost 4 years of living in Indiana, I'm still not ready to cut the one tie I still have with my Tennessee home! 

Okay, that was a really long off-track jaunt. Back to the weekend getaway. We stayed with our friends Wes & Melanie and Bill & Betsy. We played games, soaked in the hot tub, talked, ate and slept. That's about it! Annabel enjoyed all the time outside and the attention from her silly "aunt Melanie!" Oh, it is so good to have friends, even if they are half a country away! 

Annabel and Baby Jude

Derek doing what he does best!

Wonder what she's up to?!

When we came down in the morning this is what we found!

This is one of my favorite faces Annabel makes right now! She makes a tiny little "ohhh" sound!

"Yum, yum Miss Melanie!"

I think I love this picture!

On our way home, we went by Derek's grandma's in Kentucky. (Not that it's really on the way...) As always, it is good to see family. And Annabel loved seeing all the "moo's!" She is crazy about farm animals! She knows all of them by their names or sounds. She can say "moo" (cow- duh),  "Hawhee" (donkey), "doat" (goat), "baby doat," "oink oink," "babbit" or "hophop," whichever she is in the mood for! (rabbit), "neigh" (horse),  "tweet tweet" (birds), "kitty" and "woofwoof/doggy." All of these are animals at the camp, and she gets to see them almost every day! 

 She finally got in the water! It only took it being 100* out! :)

"I'll drive, mama!"

 Wouldn't you love to see this out your back door every morning!


Rock 'n Roll Momma© said...

that picture of the guys asleep makes me think of the episode of friends, i think it was called "the one with the nap" or something. it was when joey and ross fell asleep on the couch together and loved the nap so much they had to do it again. i don't even have to have the tv on to get a good laugh from my favorite tv show!

it was neat bumping into you at church on sunday! i guess good things can come from missing a service at my church, hahaha!

Jason and Lisa Jones said...

looks like you guys had so much fun!