Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween 2010

Ugh, I've been so uninspired to blog lately. And the longer I go, the more overwhelming it gets, b/c I don't even know where to start. So tonight I"m going to start small, and show our fun Halloween pics. I had planned on Annabel going as a "princess," b/c her cousin Abby gave her a princess dress. Unfortunately... we didn't try it on until that day and it was waaaay too big- d'oh!

Soooo, we improvised and went as Fancy Nancy, haha. Pretty easy, when you consider all fancy Nancy wears is dress-up clothes! So we raided the dress-up basket, and did her hair very "fancy," with lots of curls and bows! Unfortunately... a coat doesn't look very "fancy," so we didn't last too long at the outdoor festivities, haha.

And Asher was a frog, because, well- that's what I had in the closet ;)

We went to a carnival at our church which was fun. Annabel loved the games and cotton candy!!

I know some people think Halloween is an abomination straight from the devil, but we enjoy it here ;)


lilmack3562 said...

too cute! love the costumes!

Tera said...

We love dressing up...even though others in our church think it's evil too. It's not that we are "celebrating" evil. Anyway... A's Fancy Nancy outfit is adorable!! I'm not even going to show those pictures to Brynna or she will be wanting to tie her shoes like that everyday! ;)