Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Simple Kids

I just found this website, Simple Kids, and I love it! Just thought I would share...

I love the post on Simple Chores for kids. Annabel loves to "help" around the house :) Here are some of her "chores:"

*put the cloth napkins in the basket on the table after they are washed and folded
*"folding" her little washcloths
*picking up her toys when she's done playing with them
*putting her shoes away in the hanging organizer
*Putting dirty clothes in her hamper
*carrying her dirty plate to the sink after a meal
*feeding Bailey

Some of these things require more assistance than others, such as feeding the dog. But she loves the responsibility, and asks throughout the day, "is it time to feed Bailey??" Other chores, such as picking up her toys, she does not look forward to as much ;)

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lilmack3562 said...

great website!!! Oh I need to learn some of these ideas....