Monday, March 29, 2010

To the Zoo!

Last weekend we got to enjoy the beautiful weather with Derek's family, and a trip to the zoo. It was the perfect day to go, warm and breezy and not too crowded. Annabel had more fun this time than she did last summer, too. She especially loved riding the carousel! :)

Annabel is hiding behind a flying horse in this picture!

Loving the elephants!
She wanted to push the stroller herself! Luckily it wasn't too crowded :)

The girls, just taking it easy

Annabel is 10 Hands tall!

Spending time with Grandma Sue

The girls looked so cute in their matching jackets and pigtails! Even from this distance you can tell the different eye colors!

Today I had my 30-week ultrasound. This was a followup for my low-lying placenta. Thankfully everything seemed to look good so we should be able to go ahead with a natural birth. Yay! It was so amazing to see the baby at this stage. He was so wiggly and squirmy! We got to see his adorable little face, with his mouth just sucking away and his eyes opening and shutting. He even has HAIR! We could see it floating in the fluid! Right now he is head-down, with his legs folded over - like he's looking between his knees. Doesn't seem comfortable to me... maybe that's why he's so squirmy :)

You may have to stare at this picture for a minute... but slowly you will see a close-up of his face! His eyes are closed in this picture- doesn't he look peaceful! 

A shot of his arm/hand and foot- cute!

It's a boy!!!

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